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Draft Report for 1-08-10 Board Meeting

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Board Report Template


Unit/Stakeholder Page Number:


Unit/Stakeholder Name:


Unit/Stakeholder Representative Name:

Cynthia Dudenhoffer

MLA Board Meeting Date:



I. Information Items

·         A MACRL meeting was held Dec. 2nd via Adobe Connect.

·         Cynthia Dudenhoffer will be attending the ACRL Chapter Councilor’s Meeting at ALA Midwinter in January.

·         MACRL has set the goal of holding one professional development webinar per month, starting in February.  The first topic will likely be about using text messaging services.

·         A subcommittee consisting of Jodie Borgerding, Marty Miller, and Cynthia Dudenhoffer was formed to work on the MACRL website.  Participation from the wider membership is also being solicited.

·         A report for the ACRL Chapter newsletter was filed for this quarter. 

·         Brent Husher is developing a recruitment plan, focusing on a personal approach.

·         Carol Smith reported that the MACRL Open Letter to Public Libraries has been met with enthusiastic report.  She and Brent Husher discussed the letter and MACRL’s relationship with PLs at the MPLD meeting on Dec. 3rd, and with a group of mid-size PL directors on Dec. 2nd.  Carol has also broken the state into regions and hopes to begin a “Librarians who Lunch” program.

·         Brent Husher wished to identify a MACRL Conference Coordinator for the 2010 conference, in order for conference arrangement, proposals, etc. to run more smoothly. 

·         Jodie Borgerding sent out a call for volunteers to the membership, asking for assistance on the website subcommittee, conference coordinator, and webinar coordinators. 

·         The next MACRL meeting is tentatively scheduled for January 13th at 10am via Adobe Connect.


II. Discussion Items


  • None.


III. Action Items



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