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2010 Business Meeting (10-8-10)

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MACRL Membeship Meeting Oct. 8, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 12:00pm




1.    Welcome - Brent Husher welcomed all attendees and introduced the leadership team.

a.    attendees : Alice Ruleman, Carol Smith, Marty Miller, Linda Maderos, Mollie Dinwiddie, Becky Kiel, Amy Pennington, Adrienne Brennecke, Neosha Mackey, Diane Hunter, Joshua Lambert, Sarah Franske, Whitney Austin, Susan Kromrie, Rachel Brekhus, Danielle Theiss-White, Lisa Wolfe, Lisa Pritchard


Comments about this year: Positive attitude, more webinars for next year, great selection of conference programs, yay public librarians are back, everyone banded together, meet and greet very helpful, prefer a dedicated time for check out next year, yay for so many young librarians. Like that so many people were involved. Good selection of programs and strong technology. Appreciated a wide variety of programs, but need better signage and stronger wireless!  Good sessions, fun to put faces with names, would like to see next year lightning round sessions, no session during the poster sessions and description of the speakers in the program.


2.    Year in review:

a.    Establishing librarians who lunch - Carol Smith

       i.    Meetings across the state, with all types of librarians. Provides a forum to network      between conferences.  10 or so lunch meetings were held in a variety of regions.

b.    Virtual Meetings - met each month until May.  Made the organization much more nimble and productive.

c.    One webinar: texting in your library- 70+ attendees from 3 states

d.    Special Libraries merged with MACRL, how do we serve the needs of these people?

e.    Membership renewal campaign: membership committee will do a big renewal campaign in Nov.

f.     Wiki established, maintain a record of current actives, minutes etc.


3.    ACRL Update: Cindy Dudenhoffer

a.    To remain an active ACRL chapter we must maintain a leadership team consisting of at least a Chair, Vice Chair, and recorder/secretary.  One member must also serve as a delegate to ACRL Chapters Council. We must also continue to file an annual report, due in May. 

b.    Since our status is now active with the acceptance of the 2010 annual report, we can request speakers from the ACRL leadership team, and we can utilize a small amount of funding ($130). 


4.    Recorder election: Marty Miller, running unopposed.  Neosha motioned to approve Marty as recorder, Carol seconded.  Marty elected unanimously.


5.    Upcoming year: What should MACRL do the next year?

a.    Webinars: 3 for next year, possibly a pedagogical session for non-teachers.

b.    Road trips, visits to new locations, possibly to look at physical space transformation. 

c.    Connect with other groups and meetings around the state. 

d.    Fun events for conference, cheaper meal events, librarians who lunch, librarian talent show, battle decks.


Meeting adjourned at 12:48pm


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