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11 February 2010

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MACRL Meeting Minutes

2-11-10, 9:00am

Attending: Brent Husher (Chair), Jodie Borgerding (Vice-Chair), Cynthia Dudenhoffer (Recorder), Mart Miller, Wendy McGrane, Fran Stumpf, Cindy Thompson.



1.       Mobius Annual Conference

a.       Wendy reported that the MACRL poster session has been accepted by the MOBIUS Conference Planning Committee, and that a room will be available for a MACRL business meeting, with time and location TBD.  The MOBIUS Conference will be held in Columbia, MO at the Holiday Inn Conference Center.

2.       Board Report

a.       Marty reported that the MLA Board meeting was held Feb. 9th, and that a positive atmosphere of “flexibility, nimbleness, and adaptability” was the signature of the meeting.   She also reported that financial records are being moved to Pres. Sharon McCaslin, and working with Susan Burton, interim treasurer, the board is trying to get a clearer picture of where the organization stands financially.  Brent also shared that it looks like reserves will be gone by the end of the year, based on a budgeted estimate of 500 members.  Also, the idea of including a library student member of the board was presented.  Brent also shared that the board has committed funds to creating a web merchant site for MLA, to allow online registrations, etc.  It is also felt that the MCPL system plans to return to MLA, and other small public libraries are waiting on their actions.

3.       ACRL Chapter Report

a.       Cynthia reported on attendance at the Chapter Council meeting at ALA Midwinter.  The most important point that came out of this meeting was the completion and filing of the Chapter Annual report, due the end of April.  The report is complex and cumbersome, and must include all events and how they relate to corresponding section of the ACRL strategic plan.  Once MACRL has filed an annual report we can:

                                                               i.      Receive reimbursement for travel, programming, etc.

                                                             ii.      Ask to have the current or past ACRL chair speak at conference or other events.

                                                            iii.      Host traveling ACRL events, such as the Scholarly Communications Road Show.

Cynthia also plans to run for the Chapter council leadership team, pending the support of her institution, and the support of MACRL, which was unanimously granted.  Overall, MACRL is very similar in its issues, challenges, and opportunities to other ACRL chapters. Minutes from Chapter Council will be posted to the wiki.

4.       Web Committee

a.       Jodie reported that she, Cindy Thompson, Marty Miller, Sandy Schiefer, and Cynthia have formed the Web committee are looking at the current contents of the website, which is in need of an update.  Brent cautioned not to plan any major changes, as it is likely that the entire MLA website might change in the near future.  The look and layout of the website are tightly controlled by guidelines in the MLA bylaws, but this might be changing as well.

5.       Other Business

a.      Brent is still looking for volunteers to be the Webinar coordinator; MACRL would like to hold webinars in April, July, and December.

b.      Brent is working on identifying someone to be the MACRL conference coordinator. 

c.       Brent is still working on a draft letter/proposal for recruitment.  He plans on working closely with the Membership committee to find the best way to develop a targeted recruitment plan.



Meeting Adjourned 10:15am.



Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia Dudenhoffer



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