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Draft Report for 11-13-09 Board Meeting

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Board Report Template



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Cynthia Dudenhoffer

MLA Board Meeting Date:




I. Information Items

  • At the MACRL Meeting held 0ct 8th at the MLA annual conference, Cynthia Dudenhoffer was elected recorder for 2010. Wendy McGrane and Marian Davis also ran for recorder, and because of the qualities and desire to serve of these two candidates, the Chair asked that they serve as Ad hoc members of the Steering Committee.  Both have accepted.  Cynthia Dudenhoffer will also attend ALA Midwinter and Annual as the ACRL chapter Councilor for MO.
  • Because of the recent departure of Courtney Milinar, the 2009 Chair, the current MACRL officers, Chair Brent Husher and Vice Chair Jodie Borgerding, assumed their duties early, serving out the rest of the 2009 term.  Courtney Mlinar has stated she will continue as past chair.
  • At the 2009 Annual Conference, MACRL sponsored 18 programs and had approximately 40 members attend the annual business meeting.
  • In an effort to encourage the free flow information and collaboration, Brent Husher created the MACRL wiki at http://macrl.pbworks.com/  If you would like to add or edit the content there, you will need to create a free user account on pbworks. MACRL members attending workshops or conference are encouraged to post and share this information with the group as a whole.
  • The MACRL Steering Committee has established monthly virtual meetings, tentatively scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month.  Anyone who would like to participate is able to do so through Adobe Connect.  
  • In an effort to strengthen MACRL’s partnership with ACRL, Wendy McGrane is working to complete previous/current reports and submit them to ACRL.  Reports have not been filed since 2006.
  • Marian Davis is currently comparing and analyzing the following three lists in order to give the MACRL Steering Committee a better understanding of its membership:
    • MACRL membership list (153)
    • ACRL membership list (those living in Missouri that checked "okay to contact" box)  (184)
    • MACRL Listserv membership (228)
    • The MACRL Steering Committee is actively seeking professional development opportunities at the request of the membership.


II. Discussion Items

  • ACRL/MACRL Relationship: In addition to being a division of MLA, MACRL is a chapter of ACRL (since the 1950’s).  Because MACRL is the ACRL chapter in Missouri, we get to send members to the ACRL council meetings at Midwinter and the ALA annual conference. MACRL is also eligible to receive limited funding ($1 for every ACRL member residing in Missouri).  Interestingly enough, this affiliation means membership in MACRL is not limited to MLA members.  Article III in our bylaws states that membership is “open to any member in good standing of MLA or any ACRL member residing in Missouri who is interested in furthering the objectives of MACRL.”   Because our membership is potentially open to non MLA members, the board’s recent decision to close listservs to non MLA members in January creates some potential conflicts with MACRL’s bylaws.  Brent Husher will present a proposal regarding administration of the MACRL Listserv.
  • MACRL, marshaled by Carol Smith, was written an open letter to public libraries regarding membership issues.  The current version of the letter has been posted to the listserv and is being voted on by the entire membership. The letter has not been sent and is still open for discussion.



III. Action Items

  • MACRL Listserv Proposal (Brent Husher)

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